Hello dear visitor, and welcome to my little world ! I'm Sonia. I am the blogger, photographer, natural dyer, seamstress, designer & maker of all things for Cozy Memories.

My studio is located in sunny southern France, where I happily live with my husband, our two sons & our cat Pitou, in a small house with a small yet very enjoyable garden !

I make a point at creating homewares & accessories with natural materials (linen, hemp, cotton, organic cotton, wool, silk), but I also like to repurpose some materials, as well as using other wares (ceramic beads & buttons mainly) handmade by other artisans around the world.  I use locally grown & responsibly foraged plants (as well as kitchen waste) for dyeing fabrics that I use for creating my wares. I use fresh plants (or fresh ones that I dried myself for later use) exclusively, and do not use dyeing extracts, which adds a little unpredictability & extra special touch to my dyeings.

I enjoy free hand embroidery and photography. I'm inspired by nature for both of them, for nature is a source of inspiration that never runs dry ! I like to travel across my region, capital and country, but I also enjoy other cultures and have a deep appreciation for Japan.

Please use the links on top for navigating through the website ! Have a lovely time here !

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