By using natural materials (linen, hemp, wool, silk, cotton & organic cotton), repurposed/reclaimed materials (thrifted textiles), and fibers that I dyed myself (with foraged local plants) and by trying to include handmade creations from other artisans/artists (like ceramic buttons or beads), I aim to express a genuine feeling of coziness, in the form of my handmade goods. For yourself or for gifting someone you love, for the home or when on the go, these handmade goods will always be made with lots of love, and with a sincere care for our planet. My creations are filled with positive vibes & sunny energy, with the humble intention to make your life (even) cozier & a little lighter ! (because it’s already complex enough !)

You will quickly notice that I love floral or botanical prints, because Nature is what inspires me the most ! My creations are rather eclectic because that’s how my creative mind works, and that’s how life is anyway ... never the same, always different ! I usually express myself through these "themes/lines" :

  • naturally dyed fabrics & fibers

  • thrifted, reclaimed or repurposed fabrics & fibers

  • Japan inspiration


I use fresh plants (or fresh ones that I dried myself for later use) or kitchen waste (peels & rinds) exclusively, and do not use dyeing extracts, which adds a little unpredictability & extra special touch to my dyeings. I've been dyeing with plants for almost a decade, though life got in the way the last couple of years. But I have a large stock of naturally dyed goodness, that I am eager to share with you through my creations !


I love to go thrifting textiles because it’s always a surprise, I never know what I will stumble upon ! I like to think that I « rescue » fabrics that once were loved & used, then got unloved for an unknown reason. I pick the ones that speak to me the most, mainly floral prints ! I have decided to use those to make something new with them, giving them a second or third life at the same time ! Circular economy is a wonderful way to use up already existing textiles without using any new ressources !


I have a sincere appreciation for Japan country, culture & traditions. I feel inspired by Japanese aesthetics, all the Japanese symbols & hope I do justice to them, through what I create.


Cozy Memories first existed in the form of a web graphics site, almost 15 years ago. I then drew with my Wacom pen & sold my graphics. Then I was more attracted in making actual (not virtual) things with my hands, so CM was born again in this different form, back in 2008. First on Etsy (2008-2011) then on Bigcartel (2011-2017) & eventually integrated to my website (2017-now).


Hello, I’m Sonia, nice to « meet » you !
I am a 40 y-o mama to 2 wonderful teen boys & 1 cozy cat, and a wife to a smart & handsome man. We are native from & live in sunny southern-France, near Montpellier & the seaside. We moved a lot before being able to come back to where our roots are, but we’ve felt at home everywhere we’ve lived.

I love coffee, nature in all its forms, photography (macro of nature, mostly), thrifting, cooking & baking, listening to music … I’m an introvert & a pure homebody, I’m happy when I’m home ! I share a lot in my BLOG, so have a look at it, and browse the ARCHIVES !

If you have any question to ask, or a difficulty with the site, please ring my bell using the form in the CONTACT page, thank you. I usually get back within the day.