February in a nutshell

Oops, almost a month since my last post, sorry ! Where did the time go ?! Well, there were two weeks of school break in the middle of these, which included a three-day trip to Paris. We should have gone last October but our youngest (12 1/2) was sick & everything got cancelled. So we did enjoy this little trip even more, let me tell you !

Here are some glimpses, if you are not on Instagram.

We lucked out one sunny day out of three, which is not bad for February in Paris !

These photos above were taken in La Perla, one of our favorite spots. They serve Mexican food & drinks, it's just delicious. I've had quesadillas fundidas, ummmm !

We also went to the Cy Twombly exhibition in Centre George Pompidou. I was so very excited to go ! Here are some of what we saw :

"Apollo and the Artist", 1975

"Apollo and the Artist", 1975

"Nini's Painting", 1971

"Nini's Painting", 1971

"Shield of Achilles", 1978

"Shield of Achilles", 1978

Sorry the quality of the photo is lame, but I don't bring my "big" camera to Paris anymore. Therefore these are only phone pics.

We also went to Père Lachaise cemetery ...

I hope February brought its dose of daily magic to you as well ...

Be well !!



natural colors & textures

No, I still haven't dyed again, but I'm clearly on my way to use all the natural goodness I've already dyed in the past !

It took me some time to adjust to our new home, new habits, new everything. Many months ago I simply got out of the creative loop (or rather, I had fallen down the no-creativity void !), and it was hard to find any kind of inspiration or motivation back.

I've digged in my "archived" fabrics & fibers that I have dyed since 2009 (!!!) and I've already started using them for creating. So, yes, that's a pretty big deal for me, even though it doesn't mean any "new" dye from me just yet.

I have selected some fabrics & fibers all dyed with the same plant : Osyris alba. All were dyed back in 2013. (oy ! already four years ago !) The grey was obtained with a little iron. I love this warm warm pink. Such a comforting (fleshy, too, I think) color ! Enjoy the natural colors & textures !

above : from top to bottom : wool, linen, silk, vintage embroidered cotton

Thank you so much for your visit ! I hope to see you again ! Try to leave your paw if you have time, thank you !



instant sea urchin mini collection

A week ago, on a cold but sunny day, I've been to the seaside for a power walk with hubby. The beach was full of seashells, but with lots of some we usually don't see very often (let alone in one piece !). We stumbled upon a little handful of sea urchins, which I always find broken in several pieces. Now cleaned, here they are :

Aren't they lovely ? I love observing them up close, they're so incredible ! See all the details, the cracks, the bumps, the hole ... Mesmerizing !

I hope you've had a good month of January, despite all the crazy sh*t happening in the US.

Thanks a lot for stopping by & keep on visiting my blog !



SLOW IS GOOD, a new mug rug

At long last I have something to show you (as well as something to tell you, but we'll see that later). I have just finished a new series of 5 "SLOW IS GOOD" mug rugs (or mini placemats, as you prefer), and I'm very happy to show them to you !

It is made of striped beige linen & powdery pink Japanese fabric (Asanoha traditional pattern - symbolizes growth & good health-) on one side, and of dark blue Japanese fabric on the other.

Foliage, snail & teapot details were created with stamps I hand carved myself. Textile ink was heatset. It was stabilized before being over-handstitched. "SLOW IS GOOD" was hand embroidered. Just a gentle reminder ...

I hope you like it ! You can find it HERE ! I made it with all my heart, after a long long period of creative void. I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to show you all an actual thing I've made. I feel like being creatively born again, geez !!

The other thing I needed to tell you is that I was obliged to create a new Instagram account because my old one (I think I created it in 2011) was apparently hacked then deleted, all without me knowing and without my opinion. It was a pretty unnice shock (to say the least) this morning when I first noticed, but I've decided that it wasn't the end of the world & that I needed to get over it ! Creating a new account felt like a new beginning in itself, like some sort of challenge !

Therefore, please follow Cozy Memories on Instagram with this new name : @cozymemories_shop (or click here) I had recently created a page here on the blog where you can see the photos I post there, without you having to join IG (in case it's not your thing !), and you can visit here (or in the menu on top, "IG" link)

Thank you all for your patience. And for your visit !



cold week & shop facelift

It's been a pretty cold week in France (and elsewhere), even in southern France. Nothing extraordinary, just unusual. But I truly enjoyed it, because it was windy (very much), it was sunny everyday ! And in the morning, the sky was like that : (yes, that's our roof)

Pretty nice, ugh ? It was also the best moment for giving the online shop a good cleaning & rearranging. Much needed. I can feel some bits of insipiration & motivation coming back, so let's hope it means I will have something new to show you in a decent delay.

In the meantime, the SALE section of the shop got refilled with a handful of (high quality, one of a kind) items, so you can shop right now doing real bargains !

And since I'm not sure I will ever dye new SCARVES again, if you've always wanted to get one from the shop, now is the time ! Pink, grey, purple, salmon ... there are such lovely natural colors to choose from !

Thank you for your visit, I wish you all a delightful day !



ham, cheese & olive cake

This past Sunday I baked a ham, cheese & olive cake, that we ate on Sunday evening & on Monday evening. I shared a photo on IG and I was asked for the recipe, so here it is for you as well !



1,5 dl (= a generous 1/2 cup) white wine (dry preferably)
1,5 dl (= a generous 1/2 cup) oil
4 eggs
100 g (1 cup) shredded cheese (I used Emmental)
150 - 200 g (2 cups) ham (cut into small pieces)
100 g (1 cup) either green or black olives or a mix of both (cut into pieces)
250 g (2 cups) flour
1 little bag of baking powder
a dash of salt
a generous dash of chia seeds


Preheat the oven at 190°C / 375°F
In a large bowl, mix the white wine & oil.
Add the eggs, one after the other, mix in.
Add the shredded cheese, mix in, the flour & baking powder, mix in.
Add the salt, the ham pieces, chia seeds & lastly the olives pieces. Mix in well.
Pour into a buttered & floured cake tin (long & narrow), sprinkle with some more chia seeds & put in the oven for 45mn at 190°C / 375°F. Check if the cake is well baked with the blade of a knife.


You can eat it cooled down or cold. It's great for picnics & for taking for lunch in your bento box. It can be frozen once cut into slices. Goes very well with a salad or a bowl of soup !
The wine leaves a delicious flavour without being strong. My sons love it ! You can switch the ham with sausages cut into pieces ... you can be pretty imaginative with this cake.

I hope you will try it, and if you do, please let me know !



transitioning into 2O17

Hello ! It was about time I showed up here, but actually I've been a little less present online on this first past week, first week of 2017. I guess I needed to take it slowly to make the transition with the nw year.

But here I am, and for once, I have something new to show. I have decided to change my logo for something visually more simple, something not fancy, not polished or perfect, something a little rough and to the point. You obviously can already see it on top of this page, but here are the logos I've carved into two stamps of different sizes (for making labels & for the packaging). I hope you like it as much as I do.

It's not 100% like the digital version (since they are fonts) but I like the imperfect look of it, it suits my ethics.

I hope that 2O17 has been treating you well so far, that you are healthy & creative. Do you have special plans for this year ? Specific projects you can talk about ?

Here's to the new year !! Cheers !



Advent calendar 2106 - day 22, 23 and 24

Sorry for the delay in making the recap of the final days of our Advent Calendar activities ! You know, life happens, specially during the holidays !

So .... on Day 22, the activity was making a trivet and a keyring for each of their grandmas, with wooden beads. Easy peasy, and it was part of a package with many other goodies !

On Day 23, the activity was folding the napkins for Christmas day, in the shape of a Christmas tree. We followed this super easy tutorial found on Pinterest here. I borrowed green napkins from my mother-in-law, but they weren't cotton & didn't folded as neatly as I wanted. Yet, it was nice to do & it presented well in the plates !

And on the last day, on Day 24, the activity was baking a Victoria Sponge (or sandwich) ! It was pretty much straight forward, I wonder why I always thought it was more complicated ! We will be doing it again soon I think ! We didn't use buttercream for the filling, but I think we'll do in the future. You can find a recipe here.

I probably won't be much around here until the new year. I hope you've had a nice time visiting my blog in 2O16. I was honored by each of your comments, I appreciate them deeply.

Be well & merry & safe & happy, and see you in 2O17 !