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Bambouseraie - April 2017

It was already a month & a half ago, and I almost feel ashamed I didn't post these photos earlier. But you know ... life happens, right ?

The Bambouseraie is a special place, a huge bamboo park, where you feel you've travelled far away without actually having to travel that far. Let me share some photos, if you please.

It was still spring, cherry trees were in full bloom, wisteria & camelias as well. It was a quiet day without any tourists, a very enjoyable moment.

I love this place, it always somehow feels magical. I could take photos of everything, again & again. (which is what I do already, actually LOL)

I can't deny that it feels like travelling to Japan without acutally going there. Everything is here to remind you of it : maple tree, cherry tree, bamboos, camelias, torii (a traditional Japanese gate found at the entrance or within a Shinto shrine) ...

I hope you enjoyed the little photo tour. It's deep summer already here. Thank goodness for the swimming pool & outdoor space in the shade. We are so happy we moved to this little house & its little garden & its little swimming pool !



around the garden

see my seedlings !

Except for the last years' little windowsill urban gardening (growing chives, basil etc), I never grew anything from seeds. Then this spring, I've started with radishes, and then cherry tomatoes, mild chilis, ipomoeas, and very lately, cosmos & perennial linen flowers.

Since the photos were tken, all of the (too many, rookie's mistake !) cherry tomatoes have been transplanted to larger places, some have such a strong & wide stem now, I still can't believe it !

Chilis, on the other side, have been taking their time. They are still in the green house, waiting to be stronger & larger before moving out ! But also since the photos were taken (on May 06th actually), they have grown extra leaves, and moved to slightly bigger pots. Harvest shall not be before August (though I expect earlier, given our kind of weather), so they clearly have some time ahead !!

I decided to sow cosmos & perennial linen flowers, in order to complete the flowerbed. They will try to fill the gaps before the other plants & flowers. Or so I hope them to ! And, as expected, they (well, more particularly the cosmos) have grown a bunch since the day I took all these photos.

Linen to the left, cosmos to the right. I shall get three shades of cosmos : white, light pink & darker pink. I love cosmos, I'm really looking forward to growing them all summer & autum long !

Well, I most obviously will keep you posted about their progress ! Until then, I'll thank you for taking time to stop by ! Hoping you are doing fine !



Cozy Memories

the shop's moved in !

Hi you all ! The "major" changes I've been working on was moving my shop over here. Sounds easy & fast, but it still remains quite a task. But, it's done, and I'm happy ! You can click the screenshot below for visiting the new shop ! (you can also click SHOP in the site menu !)

I hope to add some new things soon ... house & garden projects have been keeping me busy these last months though ...

I hope you will make a moment for a short visit. Thanks a lot, everyone !



around the garden, our cat Pitou

I prefer flowers to hackers

... but, sincerely, who wouldn't ?! This is just a silly title but my cup is full this morning : my shop IG account was hacked for the 3rd time two days ago, and a 4th time this past night. Yes, I had activated the two-steps verification, and the accounts were hacked when I was sleeping, the messages sent to my phone number were sent while I was sleeping, and apparently Instagram doesn't care about it, and let the accounts get hacked.

This morning, I created a new email account for creating this latest IG account for my shop, and I changed the passwords to my current email address. Seriously, why me and why so many times ?! I haven't done anything wrong for deserving this ! Anyway, if you care to follow Cozy Memories on Instagram all over again (and again), my account can be found at _cozymemories (please not the underscore, the symbol looking like a dash but at a lower level). Thank you for your constant support & interest.

Now back to flowers, shall we ?
The flowers on top are Erigeron karvinskianus, aka Mexican fleabane, Santa Barbara daisy, Karwinsky's fleabane, and much more ! They are perennial, and really very sweet multicolor daisies !

These two, above, are a Bidens (yellow) and a Nepeta (purple), but not sure of the exact variety. They both look very nice in my flower bed !

I have also added two Rosmarinus officinalis (aka rosemary), they add such a nice touch, and will be very useful for cooking ! (and I've used this photo for refreshing my website & shop)

Pitou loves this flower bed, maybe a little too much (ah ah !) and often chews on young shots of other plants I have !

Better go now.  Thanks a lot for your visit today !