late summer goodness for me & goodies for you

Please let me interrupt my summer vacation posting ! I picked the last rudbeckias of the season ... (sniff sniff, I loved them so !) and decided to gather them along with other cuttings from the garden (hot pink cosmos, nepeta & coriander blooms & seeds) for a little impromptu bouquet of some sort, which I put in a thrifted amber glass container.

I didn't want to keep its shabby beauty all to myself so I caught the camera & clicked away ... (you can click for enlarging the photos)

I then decided to move the bouquet to my desk which is more into the natural light.

They sure have both that cheerfulness of summer, yet also that melancholic feeling that the season's over ... sigh.

After I took thesse photos I thought of sharing some of them in desktop wallpapers ! Yay ! You can find them in the GOODIES section of the site !

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed my flowers all summer long, and as much as I'm enjoying this late summer bouquet on my desk ... Be well, dears.



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summer trip 2017 //2

Oops, time's slipping away once again. Here comes the second batch of photos from our summer trip. These photos were taken in the lovely little town of Salers.

Where to start about Salers ? We love its (sometimes dark) grey stone houses & buildings !

So much caracter & charm !!

We also love its biscuits, really thin butter shortbread squares.

We usually go to a favorite restaurant, Le Bailliage. The food is local & incredible, but the wait is horrendous. We always try to eat outdoors, it's so much nicer, specially in summer !

And lastly, what we like about Salers, is all the little shops of artisans. Of course, I have a soft spot for ceramics, so that's what I took photos of (and what I brought back home too !) These snapshots were taken in the little shop of ceramist Zurutuza Florence, with her permission. I bought a mug & a pair of earrings. I could have easily bought everything but well, you know it's impossible, ahah ! - She doesn't have a website, she sells only in her shop, for the moment.

That's all for today ! I hope you enjoyed ! See you soon, well, sort of. You get the idea. Be well, everyone !



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summer trip 2017 // 1

Well hello, it's been over a month, wow, and I didn't intend on disappearing like that. I know your time is as precious as mine, so I'll get to the point.

  • We're September 06th, and both my boys just came back to school (last Friday). I have now a 13 y-o and a 15 y-o. Ouch !
  • We've been here for a whole year now (since late August), and it really feels like home. We took care of the front garden remodel in the spring, grew cherry tomatoes & mild chilis this summer, trimmed the front hedge a lot, and will take care of the transition of the garden from summer to winter through autumn soon. Maybe some plantation, and of course a lot of garden planning for next spring. (subject of another post)
  • We'll have 2 pairs of wooden shutters to scrape & paint (white), before it might rain in October. We need to paint the living room, the bathroom & (at least) the boys' bedrooms this autumn too.  Lots of home projects as you see.

I'm going to share random photos from our summer trip  in the Lot, last July. These first photos were taken in the picturesque village of Tournemire, in the Cantal departement. (not where we were staying)

I hope you will be back for more photos. I hope you've had a good summer (or winter !) and that everything is doing as OK as possible, for you & yours.

Be well. Thank you for your visit today !



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Happy August + a summer goodie for you !

Well hello there, it's been a little while ! Happy August to you all, as well !

We've been on one week vacation July 14th-22nd (related posts coming up) but other than that, we've been enjoying ourselves, trying to cope with hot summer days, and tending the garden too.

Speaking of our garden, I'm very happy about my one and only rudbeckia plant (I am planning to have many more next summer ! Another post about that too !) and I thought I'd share its beauty with you ! It lights up all the flower bed !

Aren't they little bright little suns ?! I love them so much that I've decided to offer some little goodies, based on my photos. Here are two different desktop wallpapers, one with "Happy Summer", and a different one, blank. Click them then right click for saving. I hope you will enjoy !


Wishing you all a lovely start of the week ! Be well, and thank you for your visit today !



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ready to pick !

Yay ! Our very first homegrown-from-seeds cherry tomatoes were ready to pick today ! We were so excited !

Obviously they were delicious ! What a joy to grow your own food (even though such a ridiculous part of it) ! We are so proud of our little plants & hope we'll be able to eat tons & tons of them all summer long !

Have a great week ahead, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Thank you for your visit.