forced break

Well I didn't mean to disappear like that after letting you know about the shop update ! After working at the computer two solid days (last Monday & Tuesday), and both my boys' bedrooms rearranging/cleaning (Wednesday), I felt a pain in my right side forearm. Thinking it was the first sign of tendinitis, I decided to make a computer break for a good couple of days (which actually last 4 full days), and to heal it with arnica oil + wintergreen essential oil massages, and taking ibuprofen pills & arnica homeopathy. So, there, the reason to my little break here. I tried to try to do things with my left side hand (not my good one !), it was quite a good exercise for the brain, ah ! Aren't our hands & arm precious ?!

Weather has been utterly weird here, since we got a heavy (night) storm six days ago, and we were under red warning this weekend but it didn't rain. (red because rivers & main stems are already full because of the previous rains & the winds coming from the Mediterranean Sea are blowing the water inlands & raise the risks of flooding) A VERY muggy weather, impossible to dry clothes properly (no heating on yet here !), and temps are way too high (for example, it's around 17°C at night & 24/26°C during the day !!). Definitely NOT a weather I enjoy. It's impossible to think it's autumn here, everything is so lush & green thanks to all those rains & this humid warmth ! Anyway.

During my little break last week, I had time to walk around my place & see things I needed to do something about. For instance, my large stash of Liberty of London fabrics, which got forgotten & neglected since we've moved here. I have decided to use as much as I'll be able to, for making lovely items that will go to the shop ! If you're an amateur of Liberty, watch this space !

Original painting by Tiel (TskTsk) / Crochetted stone by Margie (Resurrection Fern) / Cat wood tile & mini kokeshi gifts from Alexandra (Moonstitches)

Original painting by Tiel (TskTsk) / Crochetted stone by Margie (Resurrection Fern) / Cat wood tile & mini kokeshi gifts from Alexandra (Moonstitches)

Five days to go till the first school break. I'm looking forward to it. I need to make a plan so that I can be both productive for doing things for the shop, for doing things with my boys, and for doing things at/for home. Quite ambitious, right ?! Wish me luck ! LOL

I hope you've had a lovely week last week, and that the next one will be even better. (or simply, better !)