medieval waffles

Since hubby baked these special waffles from a medieval recipe, I thought I'd share the recipe here again. They are rustic, don't expect the regular type of waffle. These are drier, I'd say, with a special taste due to the honey being the only sweetening. They were called "Oublies".

O U B L I E S  - medieval waffles

Ingredients :

250 g / 2 cups wheat flour
250 g / 2 cups honey
30 g unsalted butter (1/4 of a stick ?)
2 eggs
10 cl / 4 cups (I think) warm water

Instructions :

Melt the honey in the warm water. (heat if needed) Pour the flour in a big bowl & make a "well" (sorry I don't know the right term in English ... just make a mountain with the flour, then a hole in the middle), break the eggs inside, and start mixing in, adding the honey/water liquid little by little.

Melt half the quantity of butter (15g) and mix in with the rest of the dough. Use the rest of the butter to "oil" the waffle maker, once hot & ready to be used.

Pour small quantities of dough (they are not supposed to be whole, rectangle waffles) & "cook" as usual. They cook rather fast so beware of not burning them. That's all. (if your dough is too liquid, add more flour, if it's too sticky, add more water, but in general you must be able to roll some balls with it). Feel free to eat them with extra honey, agave or maple syrup, or anything else !

Enjoy !