the power of deleting and letting go

After I stayed away from the computer because of the tendonitis, I thought about doing something I had postponed for WAY too long. What ? Cleaning my mac. Not outside (though I tend to forget to dust the screen & clean the keyboard !), but inside !

Because I'm the sentimental kind of gal, my inbox was a mega huge mess (understand now why I owe you a reply ?!), and contained over 1200 mails, starting from 2010 till now. Um yes. 1200. There was clearly something to do ! So that's what I did. Delete, delete, delete, empty bin. And archive a tiny little bit too. And now my inbox proudly contains 33 mails ! Woohoo ! Victory ! Liberation ! How did I do ? I followed some simple rules, by answering simple questions :

  • Does this mail require a reply ? have I replied already ? (or is it now too late for replying it ?!!) Yes ? No ? Reply ! Delete !
  • Does this mail contain an important information for me ? (a postal address etc) Yes ? No ? Note it down ! Delete ! Can not delete ? Archive !
  • Will you really feel better if you keep a zillion mails from almost 5 years ago ? (most mails holding good memories, some containing bad ones) You remember everything that happened, you don't need mails to remind you. Read it one last time and ... delete !
  • If you can find the content of your email, online, such as invoices from Paypal etc ... Delete !

I swear, it felt fabulous to see the small numbers of mails in my inbox ! I think I read in one of Leo Babauta's books, that an efficient inbox is an empty inbox. And he was right ! I've done even better & I make a point now to have my phone's inbox clean (as clean as possible) by the end of the day. Less is more, definitely !

Why did I keep all those mails for so long ? I don't know. Was it useful ? Probably not. Do I feel better now that I have cleaned my inbox ? Positively ! Will I regret deleting some mails ? No, because you can't turn back, you can't rewind the time, and you must always go forward. So here's to a positive attitude !