support, your own way

The other day, on Facebook, I stumbled upon an image that instantly appealed to me. It was saying "If you like an artist but can't afford their art, share their work with others, let them know who made it. It's honestly so valuable".

I couldn't agree more. Not everyone can buy from a favorite artist or craftswoman/man. There are so many of them out there, and you can possibly buy it all, or simply afford one of their masterpieces. (or what you think it is)

I have very recently made the aquisition of an original mixed media painting, from a beloved friend & multi-talented artist. I'm sure all of you know her already, I'm talking about Cathy Cullis, and she's known for her poetry, her embroidered pieces, her paintings, her monoprints, her natural dyeings, her weavings, her drawings, her zines, her doll houses ... really, I wonder if there is anything artisitic or creative that she can't do ! You may also know her for her thougthful Mosaic Mondays or Midweek Mosaics, on Flickr, in which she's been generously featuring photos from other contacts, other artists, other photographers. She has a big, gentle heart, and made me discover many people this way.

The piece I'm eagerly awaiting is this one :

"Dark jar with gentle flowering stems", original art by Cathy Cullis, images used with Cathy's permission.

We're now in October. Don't try to deny it, even though we all try to live & enjoy each day at the right pace, the holiday season will be upon us soon. Christmas day is exactly 83 days away from today, which sounds like in ages, but if you're like me and like to plan ahead (cards, or handmade gifts), it doesn't seem so far !

Although I may post another post about this kind of pre-holiday organization, I'd like to point out that this year, maybe more than any we've all known in years, times are tough. And when times are tough, you don't throw your hard earned money through windows, you spend it mindfully.

What I'm trying to say is that, the artists and craftswomen/men who try to make a living from their art or craft, need your support, my support, during the holiday season, just as much as the rest of the year. All the multinationals, the big companies, the luxuries brands, even though they also have a lot of employees (who also need a job and a salary !), don't need your support as much as independant makers do.

So try to help them, support them. If you can buy from them, then wonderful, it truly is wonderful ! If you can't afford anything from them, then try to let your family, friends or acquaintances know about them. Every little bit helps. I know a good couple of friends who generously showase makers of their selection, and they're doing so much more than that. I want to do that myself too, and I need to get my act together soon. I'm also buying mindfully from friends and independant makers, I just need some time to showase their work here.

Support handmade. Support independant makers, who make everything with all their heart & skills, trying to feed their families, pay their rents & bills & taxes with the money you spend in their shops, buying their wares / artworks.

I need to share more of other works here, and elsewhere.


I know I've been pretty bad these weeks at visiting you all. September hit me hard after our French, long (two whole months) summer holidays. I'm slowly but surely getting in the whole "making" swing, and it literally feels like it'd been ages. I'm slow, I want to do a million things (yeah, I'm *that* excited !) but don't know where to start (well, you'll anwer : "start from the beginning, lady !!" but it ain't that easy, ah !). Please bear with me !

Much love,