three years ... and a little change

Three years ago today, my father passed away, after spending two weeks in an induced coma. It was so fast, it was so unexpected, and yet, three years forward, my mother & I agree it was the less painful way for him to go. He had been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis very shortly before passing away. But it was too late, there is nothing for curing it, only easing the pain, and the end would have been postponed of a handful of months only. I'm at peace now with his passing away, even though I miss him so much. Dealing with the consequences of his passing away was another thing, but with the tremendous help of my sweet husband, we made it, and quite gracefully in my opinion.

My mom now lives a couple of streets away from us. She has all evenings & mornings free, on her own, and she spends all lunches & afternoons with us, helps me with picking my youngest (10) from school, helps me with grocery shopping (for us 5, and by foot) & helps me at home too. I'm very lucky to have her, and I think she knows that she's equally lucky to have us. She's able to see her only two grandchildren grow, we're able to help her if she needs it, and I do sincerely think it is priceless.

On a different note, I suppose you have noticed that things have changed around here ! Do you like it ? I worked on it the last couple of days, it needed a little dusting after six months looking the same. A little change can do so much good ! I suppose I will be adding some pages along the way, but I'm happy the way it is right now.

If you wonder, the little & bigger balls of yarn are naturally dyed wool. The orange with Alium cepa (onion peels), the little mustard yellow with Rhamnus alaternus (Italian buckthorn), the big yellow with Helichrysum stoechas (immortelle), the pink one with Osyris alba, and the purple one with Rhus coriaria (Sicilian sumac). I love them to bits, and will be / have been using them in my creations.

Oh, and the flowers featured in this post are Calamintha nepeta (Lesser calamint in English, Calament népéta en français), that I picked last Saturday during our walk in nature. More photos from that day coming in the next posts.