October shop update

Oh my. First of all, a huge thanks for your support about my last post. I meant every word, and I was sure we were all likeminded. Since my last post, I've tried to put these words into action, and have shared infos from friends having sales etc. It feels good. I'll do that more, in different ways.

Rain. We've had MORE rain (we've had torrential rains on Sept 29th) this past night. Parts of Montpellier (where we live), and a couple of towns around were yet again very badly harmed. I really feel for all the people who got flooded once again, as if once was not already too much ! The worse is that there is rain & more rain on the way, in the forecast until the beginning of next week. Now, understand me. When it rains here, at the beginning of autumn, it doesn't drizzle, it pours, literally. And soils just can't take it anymore (in addition to the over-urbanization of cities), that's why we've been having floods.

So ... this rain messed up with many of my plans, and I could take proper photos for my shop update, last Sunday only. And therefore, I've added lots of new things in the shop yesterday & today :

  • naturally dyed scarves (cotton gauze : 2 regular & 1 MAXI / linen voile - 1 regular)
  • 4 naturally tie-dyed linen panels
  • 2 naturally tie-dyed (organic cotton voile) furoshiki clothes (new items in the shop, yay !!)
  • 2 sets (of 4) of handstamped small, cotton drawstring bags (using new stamps I've carved)

You can find all these lovely things in the shop here ! But here's a preview ...