beauty in the cemetery {1}

Before November got around, the boys, hubby & I, along my my inlaws, went to the town's cemetery, where hubby's grandparents (on his father side) were buried. It was a beautiful day, and the cemetery is relatively big, so we walked around with no particular reason. I am not religious but I am truly touched by the beauty that can be found in such religious places. I have taken some photos to share with you, I hope you don't think they're sad or that I shouldn't have taken photos there & that it is a lack of respect. I'm really thinking that as the contrary. It's paying tribute to all the persons, with such different lives & destinies. Some graves are removed on a regular basis, mostly by lack of room. (read more here)

I stumbled upon one of these (soon to be removed), and the old tin photo of the woman touched me so much I thought I'd immortalize her before she is completely forgotten by all. The leaf engravings were so beautiful & simple, I love these simple cement graves much more than the granit new ones.


Worn enamel hearts, so beautiful and painfully sad at the same time.

These were metal beads, and it made me feel like the time had frozen the day it had been put on this grave.

Completely weathered. Time & sun & rain erased it all.

Amazing antique textured glass on a very old grave. It covered it like a canopy.

There is so much to witness in a cemetery, for those who really want to see.

Just incredible to walk down the past.

Pine needles between the petals of ceramic flowers. They haven't faded one bit.

Seize the day, friends, seize the day.