SPARKLE shop update, Christmas orders & Ello

I've worked hard these last days to get a bunch of lovely things ready to go in the shop, in time for the holiday season. Earlier this year, I stumbled upon a gorgous linen, with discreet yet striking thin lines of golden thread. I couldn't pass it ! So I've been using it, along with a beautiful camel linen, to make zipped pouches, coasters & mug rugs / pot holders. And for a right dose of sparkle, I have embroidered little crosses that make the gold pop ! So please let me introduce the SPARKLE line, because everyone needs a little sparkle, for the holidays or for everyday !

I usually don't like "bling-bling", but these are subtile & classy golden streaks, I didn't find them that much "bling-blingy". The coasters are ready for your holiday parties or cocktails, with your friends or your family. The pot holders (or mug rugs) are waiting for you on a cold winter evening, with a blanket, a book, and a cup of your favorite warm beverage. And the zipped pouches are ready to welcome your precious belongings, beautiful art supplies, your crafty WIP or your phone.

The whole line is made of linen, and everything is padded with a layer of boiled wool for more protection, more structure & more coziness of course !

The shop update will happen tomorrow on Tuesday 13th at 07am Paris time. For reference that is :

  • Wednesday 12th, 10 PM in San Francisco
  • Thursday 13th, 1 AM in New York
  • Thursday 13th, 6 AM in London
  • Thursday 13th, 4 PM in Brisbane

Here are the deadlines for placing your order if you want to get it in time for Christmas :

  • Sunday November 30th for the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ etc
  • Sunday December 07th for all European countries
  • Sunday December 14th for France

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, you can find me here), there will be a giveaway over there, on Friday. (exciting !!)

And last but not least, Cozy Memories is now on ELLO, which I hope will be the new Facebook, minus all the crappy ads, and will not show my posts only to a handful of followers ... (which is the case on FB) You can find CM over here, so if you're on Ello too, please come say hi & show me where you are !



PS : I hope to make new/more items to complete the line !!