back in October {3}

Here come the last photos from that day late October when we had a long afternoon in nature, only hubby & I.

Light & airy plant. And seen from above on the next photo.

Silky feather seeds. So pretty in the sun !

The very colorful Echium vulgare / Viper's bugloss !

Above & below : Juniperus oxycedrus / prickly juniper.

Oh how I loved finding on my camera that I had captured this !!

And this last photo was actually taken totally at random. I was sitting on a stone almost at the ground's level, when I put my camera on my shoulder, and with autofocus (I only use manual) shot at random. Well, that gave that photo above. And I love it !

I shall enjoy these photos since with rain and lots of things to do this week (more on that later), there is absolutely no way we'll make it into nature. Sigh. But all the photos I take manage to make up for all these moments we can't go into the wild.

I hope you enjoyed them too. Be well !