super cozy mittens

I have been sewing like a maniac these last couple of days. Hoping that the rain would stop so that I could take photos with natural light, but it just wouldn't happen, rain is here to stay at least over the weekend. Thankfully I bought studio lights (something like that) at a reasonnable price, and you will see with the photos below that it saved the day !

I have added Mitten Coasters to the shop. In the past I had made Christmas tree coasters (2011), and mountain coasters (2012). This year, it's mitten coasters ! They're sold as a pair (like a real pair of mittens !), they will be available all through winter, and will come in many more styles & colors.

I have also added a couple of SPARKLE pincushions, they are so handy & have a the right dose of sparkle !

The SPARKLE line is getting bigger, with coasters (square or Mitten), mug rugs, two zipped pouches and a card holder !

Remember to order before Sunday 30th if you're outside Europe & want to have your order delivered in time for Christmas ! Thank you !