truly autumnal

The weather forecast is pretty simple for us this week, it's been raining non stop since last Sunday & will continue at least till the end of the weekend. Not very practical when you need to take product photos like me, but I have recently purchased studio lights (yes, with umbrellas & all !) for a reasonable price, so I hope it'll be pretty useful when the weather is as dark as it is right now.

Before they completely fall on the ground, I decided to take a couple of photos of the leaves of the huge celtis australis (European nettle tree) that is growing in the landlord's garden, and that we can see from the kitchen & living room (my studio) windows.

To answer your question, yes, all those leaves should have completely fallen by now. But it's been way too warm these last weeks, and lots of trees still have green leaves. London planes still have their leaves too, and at least they had time to turn more orangey than every year ! Temps don't go below 13°C at night. Definitely not the temperature one should get a month away from Christmas !! :(

If I manage to take photos of the mitten coasters I've been making like a maniac these last days, they will be in the shop before tomorrow morning. Remember that the last day for Christmas shopping for the US/Canada/Australia is this coming Sunday. (30th Nov). And a week later for European countries.