Zip zip zip zip

Hello everyone ! Winter is slowly but surely coming, even in southern France. The holiday season will also be upon us soon, and I'm personally the kind who tries to plan ahead. (are you too ?)

I have made a nice bunch of zipped pouches & pencil cases for the shop update that is happening today. They're all different in size & shape, and all are one of a kind.

They are made of linen or organic cotton twill on the outside, and of cotton or linen on the inside. All of them were naturally dyed or tie-dyed with Rhus coriaria (Sicilian sumac) & iron, and most pouches are lined with naturally dyed cotton prints. Most of them are padded with a layer of boiled wool, for extra structure, protection, squashiness and coziness ! Their designs are neutral & intemporal, and they make the perfect gift for someone special in your life, someone who respects & cares about our planet.

When purchasing in my shop, you are far from the mass made products ! Practically each item is one of a kind, special, impossible to reproduce, and made with lots of love & care. Just like you & me, don't you think ? Creations made at the image of their potentially future owners !

You can find them all in the shop here ! Thank you for looking & for your interest !