mascarpone mousse with speculoos

Yesterday's activity in the boys' advent calendar was preparing mascarpone mousse with speculoos (spiced shortcrust biscuits). It's an adpated version of one of Exki * dessert and a recipe found online. It's pretty simple to make, even children can do it, with a minimal help from adults. So here's the recipe for you today !

But before I share it, you have to know that there are eggs, dairy, sugar & gluten, so it's unfortunately not suitable for egg, dairy, sugar or gluten intolerant persons. Nor to anyone on a diet. (just saying !)

250 g mascarpone (1 cup)
100 g sugar (we used blonde sugar - less than 1/2 cup)
2 eggs
a pinch of salt
15 cl liquid cream (or your local substitute ! - between 1/2 & 3/4 of a cup)
9 biscuits (just buy a whole pack of them !)

I used 7 WECK 160ml glass jars like these. (reused after buying take-away at Boco restaurant in Paris, which sells only in glass jars)

Break the eggs & seperate whites from yolks.
Beat the egg whites with the pinch of salt until stiff.
Pour the sugar into a large bowl, then mix in the egg yolks with the sugar to make a paste. Add the mascarpone, mix in, then pour the liquid cream & mix with an electrical mixer for around 5 minutes.
Incorporate the beaten egg whites with a spatula, doing slow & circular movements. (like this)
Break the biscuits into pieces (or into crumbles if you really prefer) so that the pieces can fit your pots.
Grab a jar & start pouring a little mousse mix, then add a piece of biscuit, pour more mousse, then a piece of biscuit, until you reach the top of the pot. End with a piece of biscuit on top.
You can now put them in the fridge & you will have to take them out 5 minutes before serving.

It really is delicious. You can use smaller jars/pots, it will be even better if you want to control portions. Then, just make two small layers of mousse & biscuits. I haven't tried, but maybe you can substitute speculoos with gluten free spiced biscuits, and sugar with stevia. Anyway, if you do try it, please let me know !



* Exki is an international chain of healthy fast-casual grab-and-go restaurants, we discovered it in Belgium in 2007, and there are several in Paris, we always go eat there when we go to the capital