a little catch up

Boy, does time goes by ! Today I'm playing catch up with you all, about our advent calendar activities ... and more.

So we went to watch The Hobbit 3 last Sunday & it was fabulous ! Yesterday was metal sheet embossing, and they liked it too. It both looks complicated & simple, but it isn't that complicated. Look what they did. (yeah, they kept it simple, I won't blame them for it)

Doesn't it look cute ? Oh, I had forgotten to show you last Saturday's activity : making recycled paper. Again, it was a bit of an experiment, and that's what I love about all of these activities. We learn from our trials & mistakes.

I know it doesn't look too bad, but next time I/we will try to make recycled paper, I'll use a thinner paper, will soak it really longer, and will shred it in even smaller pieces. And I think in the end, the result will be much better !

Today's activity is baking Christmas biscuits, and I'll be using Annabel Karmel's shortbread recipe. We baked them three years ago, you can see them here.

I'll have more things to say, but I don't want to bore you more today, so I better get going ! Thank you for stopping by !