The Blue Carbuncle

Today's activity in my boys' advent calendar is watching The Blue Carbuncle (Sherlock Holmes). So here it is for you today, in case you never heard of it. We watch it every single year, that's a family tradition !

It last a little over 50 minutes, so you might watch it later, ahah !

So much to do today. It's the last day before school holidays start, the last day before I close the shop, the last day before I delete both my Facebook accounts. There is laundry to do, grocery shopping to do (for Christmas & the holidays), and three hair appointments no less (the boys & myself) to go to,  there is Christmas wrapping to SEW (yes, no to buy) since I use furoshiki for wrapping (to reduce waste), and of course lunch to prepare etc. Not a lazy day. Anyway, that's a busy time of year for everyone, isn't it ?

Take care !