To stay or to leave ?

I joined Facebook back in October 2011, which happened to be the month my father passed away. And December 2014 will be the month I will delete my two accounts on Facebook : my personal one & the one for Cozy Memories. Several reasons about that :

  • FB only shows anything I share on CM's FB page to a small portion of the "fans". I am not ok with that anymore. What a total waste of time ! Only for making us (me) pay to promote posts so that more people can see them. No freeking way.
  • FB has decided to change their policies, and I'm not OK with them. If in January 2015 you're still using your account, it means you agree with them. I don't, so I won't be using FB after December 31st. (and maybe earlier)
  • ... which means I will also be obliged to delete my personal account, but quite frankly, except other photos (from other persons) or events, my page was a copy of my blog & my Instagram feed.

All FB users will have to make a choice before the end of the month, to stay or to leave. I know I have made the choice. I kept asking myself the question for a good couple of days, then I decided that I wouldn't spend whole December hesitating. Stop procrastinating. So I made my choice. I know some people (some friends included) will stay because FB is the only way to stay in touch (privately) with faraway friends or family members, and of course I understand.

So, if you used to follow me there, maybe you already follow me elsewhere, but in case you don't, then please let me tell you where to find me :

If you want to say hi (or something else, here or elsewhere), please don't be shy & do so, otherwise I can't be aware of the existence of the lovely people (yes, you !!) who take of their precious time to visit & read.

Thank you for your visits, for your comments, and for taking time to read this very boring, yet necessary post of mine. Have a great rest of your day !