stars and fruits

Today's activity was making chocolate lollipops. It was quite fast & really easy, and super yummy. We used organic 55% dark chocolate chips for this, but then we the first batch was made, cold & then eaten, I made another batch with organic milk chocolate. There were leftovers from the first batch so I had to think quickly how to use it. I peeled a clementine, and grabbed dried strawberries, and the boys dipped them. Then to the fridge on little wooden trays it all went !

It was a hit all around. Easy to make, once you have the molds it's quite inexpensive because you don't need much chocolate at all, and the result is beautiful & delicious. You could totally gift these for Christmas !

One tip for pretty & shiny chocolate : when you have decided the quantity of chocolate you'll be using, seperate two thirds & one third. Melt the two thirds (we used the double boiler aka "bain-marie" way) stirring with the heat. Then remove from the heat & add the last third & stir until completely melted. Your chocolate, once dry, should be shinier than if you don't use this technique.

Have a lovely weekend !