final activities of the advent calendar

There we are. The advent calendar is over now & I'm a little sad I must say. The last two activities were embroidery (had been changed at the last moment) & making truffles. I have a photo for the embroidery activity but none for the truffle making because it might have been a fiasco. (I'll have to check that tomorrow) Anyway. If you're planning such things (an activity advent calendar, I mean), you have to be FLEXIBLE. Oh yes, you have to be, believe me ! And accept that some activities might not happen, or turn into fiascos ! Oh well !

To my own surprise, my eldest (12 and a half today) loved it more than my youngest (10 & 4 months tomorrow), and was much more into it. I think he simply has more patience than his young brother, who is still like a little tornado !

No photo of truffles, but a photo of one of the rugelachs we baked today for tomorrow's dessert ! (please forgive the yellowish evening lighting, I couldn't do otherwise.)

Now let me wish you all happy celebrations, whatever you celebrate in your family. My mom & my inlaws will come here tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it.