Christmas is now behind us & New Year is around the corner. It always feels like a transitioning moment of the year, for me. I have taken all Christmas decorations down, we've had them since December 01st after all. (first activity in my sons' advent calendar), but the tree is still up, only adorned by the string of lights. Red is disappearing from the apartment landscape, though we over-decorate, far from this !

It's the right moment for clearing things up, for re-organizing or for getting rid of some unwanted things. Time for archiving official papers from 2014, for backing up all your photos & files on your computer. Time for looking back at all the photos you took in 2014 & for seeing if some means much more than others & why not getting them printed. Time for refilling what is empty, time for cleaning what is dusty or dirty or has been neglected. Time for putting things in their places.  Time for listing your successes and your failures in 2014 (will be the subject of another post) Time for making room (physically & not) for all the exciting things coming in 2015 !

Easier said than done I know, but you have to start by the beginning, and a little inspirational push is always welcome. (or am I simply speaking to myself ?!)

Hope you're happily transitioning yourself. Be well !