Farewell 2014 ... 2015 I'm so ready for you !

Oh 2014, you've been both eventless & eventful.

We had just moved in our new apartment so you were pretty exciting & exhausting at the same time.

In January, I was healing from a foot sprain (made in December whime moving) when I broke one toe.

In February there was the week long school trip I helped with, and where I almost broke my tailbone.

In April, my birthday (36) almost turned into a non birthday which was pretty bitter.

In September hubby changed "jobs" (not really but it's hard to explain anyway) & now works in Paris (where he goes 2 to 4 -or more- times a month) instead of here in Montpellier.

My sons are growing like weeds, and my eldest is now taller than me. My eldest (P) is now 12 & a half, and his brother (U) is 10 & 4 months. They're both healthy & doing wonderfully at school.

I managed to lose weight & workout really regularly until the middle of the year. Then I worked out less, I stabilized then gained a little back. I'm not freaking out about it. This will be the subject of another post.

We, as a family, travelled several times within France. I treasure this trips more than anything.

I practically didn't dye (naturally, with plants) at all, and this made me sad. But our new apartment doesn't allow me to dye like I used to. I now have to dye either at my inlaws' or at my mom's. I aim to dye a lot more in 2015 but it will require a hell of an organization & planning.

Business wise, it's been a tough year. I've always been transparent about this with you all. Our move a year ago really disturbed me a lot, and more than I care to admit. It was not planned, and even though it was for the best, it really messed up with me & the habits I had. Which of course sounds like a good thing, but I assure you, sometimes it is not. I thought I had lost my mojo, then I found a new breath of inspiration after the summer. But it's not been enough for making of it a good year. I am in a position that has not helped me motivating me (after we moved) in this that I don't have to make a living of what I do. I've asked myself many many questions about myself & my capability, about what I'm able to do, what I'm willing to do, how far I'm accepting to go for this. I still don't have answers to many of my questions. My feelings in 2014 have been that everyone was successful but me.

I'm not ungrateful, and I really really sincerely thank from the bottom of my heart all the persons who've supported my tiny business in 2014, or has promoted it in one way or another, it has meant a very great deal to me, actually more than ever. You are the reason it is worth it.

I just have to stop chasing success, keep on doing my thing, and doing it more. I must believe in myself more, know my limits, keep my priorities in mind (and my business, even though I would love things to be better than they are, is not my top priority in life). I must keep on being curious about things, but I must allow myself to let things go, to let my imagination go wild & to trust my skills.

Oh 2015, I'm so ready for you.

Wishing you all to be healthy, to believe in yourself, to trust your guts, to be kind to yourself, and to make sure you take time to enjoy life !