paper tree & greenfinch

Thank you all for your comments concerning yesterday's post (about leaving FB) I was super happy to see friends & familiar names in the comment section ! Your comments make me happy ! Thank you !

So, the advent calendar has started, the tree has been put up, two sweet treats have already devored, and 3D paper trees have been made yesterday ! Here's a night photo of one of them. Paper, bamboo sticks, and a slice of cork (my adaptation for them to stay put !), an original idea by trusty Martha.

Adorable, isn't it ? They liked it !

Yesterday while putting laundry to dry (indoors, sigh), my eyes were attracted by something moving in the landlord's garden. So I left laundry for a while & grabbed my camera. And here's what I saw. (cropped photo for you to see it properly)

After a little research I found out it was a European greenfinch, a male I think. (Chloris chloris in latin, verdier d'Europe en français) They can live up to 13 years ! They're protected in France, where their species is declining. (the opposite in the UK !)

And on a last note (for today), I think it's time to give blogs another breath of life ! My blog has never ceased to live (even though I've seen traffic & comments being cut by half at least) but that's not the case for all blogs. I'm very happy to read long time friends' blogs, and for instance, I'm really enjoying Tiel's new posts very much ! Have you seen them ? I'm trying to visit & comment more regularly than I used to, and I hope I won't be the only one.

Thank you for stopping by today !