cold rain & cocoa

Yesterday's activity in the boys' advent calendar was drinking cocoa with marshmallows. It couldn't have been a better fit because it rained all day long a very cold rain (you could feel it was snowing not too far). I didn't have any (just mint herbal tea) but I really I would because it had been a day with lots of downs & not many ups. I was sobbing & feeling like useless crap all day long. (no, no PMSing, sorry)

What warms my heart is that my boys seem to enjoy the calendar very much.

I'm wondering if anyone is having trouble with reaching my shop, I noticed 10 times less visitors than last week, and it kind of shocked me to say the least. (one of the many reasons to feel like crap today) Has everyone decided to desert web shops this week ? Or just mine maybe. Oh well.

Thank goodness sun & cold are in the weather forecast for next week, I think these non stop rains got a toll on my mood. Have a great weekend, ladies.