Memories of a lovely long weekend

Happy June you all !

As our long weekend (bank holiday last Thursday then Friday off school) is coming to an end, it's good to stop & look back.

On Thursday hubby & I went on a power walk in town. On Friday we stopped by some sort of local thrift store & I scored four gorgeous handmade (ceramic) bowls, five glasses & four plates for a mere three euros (five dollars) :


On Friday evening we rented (on hubby's laptop) a movie (2D cartoon) that I will probably talk about in another post.

On Saturday we more or less stayed home, mostly lounging around. Wonderful except massive headache before & during working out. Blugh.

And today (Sunday) we went to the beach in the morning, where we played beach soccer & beach ball (read= fun & hidden workout), walked in water (hubby & youngest did enter entirely though), and picked some seashells. 


Then I had a very productive afternoon at home, catching up with a bunch of things. I even baked raspberry muffins (for breakfast), I will share the recipe next week. Nothing like being on top of things for boosting your motivation to get things done ! I hope the whole month of June will be equally nice & productive as today !

I shall get my iMac back in a couple of days, hopefully. I'll see if there will be any data loss. 

I hope you've had a lovely weekend as well ! Thank you so much for stopping by !