light dinner & capoeira


Hot summer days -like today was (max of 33°C/91.5°F in the shade)- call for quick, easy & cool meals like the one we had tonight. Our salad was made of tomatoes & cherry tomatoes, avocado, fresh garlic, the dressing was made of lemon juice, sea salt & whole grain mustard, and sprinkled with poppy seeds. Easy peasy, tasty, healthy & low calorie. Our dessert was pineapple.

Thank you so much for your kind & encouraging words about my weight loss, your support means a lot to me. There were & still are moments when I don't lose a single gram, when I wonder if all the efforts I do are really worth, but when I stop thinking about it, the results show & I don't regret anything.

I haven't been much on the computer lately. Offline life keeps me busy, and I think I got different habits since the iMac went to repair, which is not a bad thing I suppose.

I don't think I will follow the (soccer) World Cup (not that I usually followed it the other times !) but it had me got interested in Brazilian music & culture. These days I'm listening to Ologundê, a NY based Afro-Brazilian folkloric music & dance ensemble. Capoeira is such an interesting martial art (that combines elements of dance, acrobatics & music), I advice you to read the full Wiki article if you are so inclined. I learnt a lot about it. Here is a video, although the quality is not top notch, but it gives you a great idea of what it is.

Thanks for stopping by !