Balance. That simple yet complex word. It should be so easy while, well ... it is not that much. Balance is a word that comes back on a regular basis in my blogs, I'm sure I've talked about it several times already. But you'll agree with me that it's a tricky subject, a real art that we constantly try to master. A never ending work in progress. Here are my very own struggles.


Eating less and better. Trying to renew, diversify or (re-)introduce things to eat. (and that takes time) Trying new recipes (nor particularly low fat), getting to learn to make things I should have known for decades but that noone taught me. Trying to (sometimes) plan meals ahead.
... and on the other hand trying not to think too much about food.

I won't lie, moving six months ago (what ? already ?!) totally messed up with me & my habits. I loved every second of it, but truth is it's been hard for me to find my marks again. I think our new place is better organized, and that in general I manage to maintain it better.
... and on the other hand, I've been spending more time doing it.


A major issue for me these days. I've been trying to make things for ourselves lately. It hasn't happened in such a long time & my family deserves some TLC. So I try ... from the very simple homemade (birthday) card (see above) to bigger project in the form of a set of 12 napkins. (see below) So far I have sewed two, so there're 10 left to sew. I'm not in a hurry & I try to squeeze 5 to 10 mn to sew one here & there. Slow crafting for sure.
... but my time can not stretch, and these days I can't seem to find the time to do more than this. Not sure about what the heck is happening to me. I used to be much more productive ! Each day seems to bring its lot of things to absolutely do (before the day's over) ... and since I'm trying to procrastinate less, some things actually get done, and the rest ... not so much. I'm only human after all. But when I see some friends' productivity, I feel like I'm living on another planet, it's kind of hitting me hard.


Both my boys are not babies any more. They're not grown up, but there are things that don't interest them so much anymore. Yet I would like them to diversify their activities. Summer vacations are around the corner (a month approx.) and I'm trying to compile ideas of things to do with them, mostly indoors ... so if you have any ideas (or websites with ideas) for boys aged 10 & 12, I'm taking them ! I'm stuck !

What are YOUR struggles ? Is balance just as tough to reach for you ?