We've been experiencing the first real heatwave of the season. And I was not particularly looking forward to it. Today was the hottest, with a high og 36°C in the shade, and minimum of 23°C at night. (usually around 6am and then it warms up instantly)

Indoors have warmed up in no time, and we have a hard time cooling them down (we don't have A/C). When the boys go to bed it's still 28°C indoors & outdoors. I know that in other parts of the world it is way worse than that, or when humidex adds to the same temperatures, but it won't lessen our discomfort.


I hope we'll have some relief soon. Going to school or to grocery shopping in the blazing sun (by foot) isn't fun anymore. It is really tiring our bodies, even of the healthiest of us. We keep on hydrating & try to slow down, but lots of things need to be done even when it's hot. I'm thinking about my 95 y-o grandpa who must be suffering even more than us.

Back in 2003, the heatwave in Europe had been so dramatic, and 15 000 people had died in France alone. (70 000 for the whole Europe) I cross fingers & toes that it won't repeat.

Wishing I could share part of that heat with the ones of you who lack of it. Oh I wish, sincerely !

Be well, and stay cool !