weekend recap

Hardly touched the computer this weekend, but here I am now for a weekend recap.

On Saturday morning, before it got too hot, I baked parmesan cheese & black olives muffins, for special guests we had in the late afternoon.

Our special guests were Julie, her husband & their six months old daughter. You may know Julie because of the gorgeous merino boiled wool winter hats she makes. We had such a blast all together, it was such a pleasure having them all at our place !

photo 1.JPG

On Saturday evening, it got a little cooler, and we could finally make the temp indoors drop by a good couple of degrees. I had gotten this short video of Pitou on Friday evening when it had finally decided to rain a tiny little bit, it had become too stormy.

On Sunday morning it was much cooler outside & such a joy not to be hot from the first minute you're up. The sky was grey, and there were several little spring showers all through the day. Perfect time for going to the beach.

I picked a couple of color coordinated shells, and rescued an injured little ladybug. I put her in the dunes, letting her live the rest of her life in a safer place. (rather than on the beach where she must have probably been stepped upon, poor thing)

Then back from the beach, I baked a banana cake (again, I know, but the heat made the bananas ripe faster) that will be our breakfast the next two days. You can find the recipe here.

And the weekend's over already. It was a pretty good one. Next week is my eldest's last week of school before 10 weeks of summer break. Can't believe his school year is practically over. He has done a stellar first year of collège & have started to bloom into the great teen I hope (I'm sure) he will be. He's as tall as me (that was easy, though !!), and will be 12 on the 24th.

And here's my sweet little Pitou, wishing you a great rest of your weekend and/or a wonderful week if it has already started !