school's over

Well, little one (10 years old, still) will finish school this afternoon (I said next Monday but there were changes of plan), so summer break is really very soon coming up.

Relieved not to have to wake up with the clock, not to have to walk to/from school several times a day (though this usually has a toll on our fitness), not to have specific rhythm all through the day.

But kind of sad to say goodbyes to teachers, to say goodbye to my solo time in the morning (I know, that's selfish)

We went to the beach on Wednesday morning, it was overcast & the water felt warm, which made me go in the water very fast, which hadn't happened in years (!!). We didn't want to leave the water ! Here are, for you today, a little handful of photos from the beach. (you can click them to see them bigger)

I love to see colors pop on the sand. These were too pretty not to take photos !

Now let me wish you all a lovely weekend ahead. I know were are all very busy with our lives, June is usually a pretty full month. I hope to catch up with you all the next days, now that I shall have more time to devote to this.