the island of Black Mòr

Last week we watched a beautiful, feature length animated film, called "l'île de Black Mòr" (the island of Black Mòr"). It was completed in 2003 & released in 2004. I didn't hear about it back then, that's a pity. Here's the synopsis :

In 1803, on the coast of Cornwall, a 15 year-old youth, escapes from the orphanage where he lived like a convict. Unaware of his real name, he has as his only treasure the map of an island containing the buried treasure of Black Mòr, a famous pirate whom he'd like to resemble.

With two scavengers of shipwrecks, Mac Gregor & La Ficelle (literally "The String", figuratively "Beanpole"), Kid grabs a Coast Guard boat & searches for the famous island at the other end of the Atlantic Ocean. But nothing happens as it does in pirates' books ...

In his quest for his identity, Kid is more fragile than he thought he'd be, and several adventures await him before he reaches the Island of Black Mòr ...

Here is the entire film, it is in French I must add ... but the graphical & musical interest goes beyond language barrier. As a side note, I need to add that the design is directly inspired of French artist Henri Rivière, and that the music in the whole film was created by Christophe Héral, film & video game music creator, born in ... Montpellier !

I hope you will make time to watch it, maybe not now or soon, but someday. You'll be glad you will. I really loved watching it, specially with my three guys. I've got ships & sea & sailing & summer breeze & pirates ... in my head since then. Quite perfect for sowing a seed in anyone's imagination, specially before summer.