summer's on

Summer's arrived in time for June, it's a little late this year (usually by mid-May it's already scortching hot) but I enjoyed this mid-season so very much ! With summer season come .... summer fruits !


Tomatoes & cherry tomatoes, cherries, apricots, cantaloupe ... (and so many others that are not pictured here) All organic & local, food is our biggest household budget, I'm not afraid to say it aloud.

As you can see, I've worked on the site design again, which means ... I got my iMac back, holy moly !! And best news : no data loss !! This will the subject of an upcoming blog post, if you're interested. I've changed it because I really missed to have a Category menu for my readers & visitors. I've also added a calendar, which may be handy as well.

I just got a cake out of the oven ... a cake for the birthday boy (hubby, 39 tomorrow). This banana / white chocolate cake has made the whole apartment smell like paradise. I really need to share the recipe here soon, it's so so good. (if only computers had an "odorama" button ...)

Thanks for visiting everyone. I hope you always enjoy your time here.