10 months later

My work out tools

My work out tools

Since August 2013, hubby & I have started changing our food habits & decided it was time to workout more than once a week (or ... a month, ahem) I've done a previous weight loss update, two months ago, back on my previous blog. Two months later, it's been 10 months since we started, time for another report !

  • I'm now 15 kilos down. Kilos take their time to take off, but I'm getting there, and as I said before, the slower the better. (because, quickly lost, quickly gained back !)
  • I still exercise three or four times a week, at home, and most of the time on my own. A year ago, I would have never thought I'd be working out without being obliged to, and even more, on my very own ! A major step for me.
  • We go power walking at least twice a month. We try to squeeze one each week but it's not always possible. We walk 10 to 15 km, mostly at the seaside, & always stop by a café to drink a calorie-free drink (to make a pleasant break). It's usually an appropriate moment for us to talk about everything & anything. Last time we went, we stopped by the beach & played beach ball. That was extra fun & extra workout !
  • I'm not afraid to go running anymore. I must precise the obvious fact that with 15 kilos less on the scale, it's more pleasant & less unflattering to run ....... And my articulations suffer less from those damn extra kilos. I haven't run many times yet, always alongside with hubby, but have made progresses each time I've been.
  • For months now, I have excercised abdos, triceps, butt & hamstrings, I now need to work biceps, back, and pectorals. No machine, hardly any tool. Almost anyone can do that, even on budget.
  • I'm very much inclined to eat low calorie food for dinner. It's almost a challenge to invent meals with these. I'll try to post something about it as soon as I'll feel comfortable enough to make a proper list.
  • About clothes sizes now ... back in August 2013 I wore size 46 (French) / XL or 16 (US) / 18 (UK). I've recently bought skirts & undies, and they were size 40 (French) / M - 10 (US) / 12 (UK). I simply couldn't believe my eyes ! Buying new clothes are my personal little (materialistic) reward.
  • I now wear dresses & skirts on a very regular basis, while until the beginning of the year, it was a pharaonical effort to wear one. I'be been gaining a bunch of self-confidence while I've been losing useless kilos. I now understand that this body I'm living in is MINE, and that I can shape it if I respect it. I care less & less about what people think, and this is also a mega step for me. I've always thought that feminine clothes looked ridiculous on me, now I'm working my butt off to get this feminity back.
Not afraid to take photos DURING my workout, all red faced & sweaty. No pain, no gain.

Not afraid to take photos DURING my workout, all red faced & sweaty. No pain, no gain.

On top of the post is a photo that shows the only tools I use for working out at home. I also use the end of my bed (wood) to make exercises for the triceps. I work out in our bedroom because it is large, and I can see myself in our bathroom mirror. Without being narcissic, being able to see myself workout is a motivating factor. I see if I do some exercises properly, and also I can witness the progress I've made (physically) Good music is necessary. No good workout without motivating music. We've very recently aquired (via fidelity points, hooray !) this handy blue-tooth speaker, and it's already proved to be really great for working out anywhere, even on travels, using our phones with it.

One very important tool (that is peeking on my photos) for us women is a bra specifically made for sports. Believe me, it does make a difference. Having this part of our bodies shake & move without any support is not great at all ... I have found one that is really nice & now that expensive at all. And has an appropriate name, "Shock Absorber". I bought mine online.

I also have water to sip (few but often) during the effort, as well as a clock. I rarely work out for more than 45mn. That's the amount of time I manage to find time & motivation for. (power walks, on the other hand, last over 2 hours)

I've found a useful app (for iphone) to track your weight loss & calculate your BMI (body mass index) so I'm sharing it with you. Its name is Weight Drop, and even the free version is nice.

I'm far from being obsessed by my weight or by my shape. I mean, I could have lost way more weight on the same period. Seriously, at least twice as much ! But I'm doing the whole thing at my own pace & that's what matters most, at least for me.

I still go out for lunch or diner (from time to time), still bake/cook "real" food (cakes, tarts & more), still eat chocolate everyday, but other than that, I feel more conscious about what I eat.

I'm not sure this post will help you in any way, at least it is a personal record for me.

Be well.