wind & waves

We stayed up late yesterday for watching the Netherlands win (yay), woke up a little later than we hoped for, and went to the beach shortly after having digested our breakfast. Lots of wind & therefore lots of waves.

I liked the classic look of the B&W so I went for it. These are hubby & my youngest (U, 10 next month). Don't you worry, he was covered with sunscreen, & we spent most of our time in the tourmented sea anyway.

We came back home, took a shower & headed out to the Greek restaurant for a delicious meal. Lazied around the rest of the afternoon. That's what Sundays are meant for !

Concerning comments now - I'm glad I decided to switch to Squarespace comments, I realize now that it really discouraged many of you to leave a comment. I apologize, and I am really really happy to see new & long time visitors !

I first had them appear upon my approval but I just switched that too, so that your comments appear instantly. But if any problems shall appear, I'd go back to moderated comments.

THANK YOU for taking some of your precious time for visiting the journal of my little life, not always exciting, but always worth living !

Be well, healthy & happy, friends !