eight months later

Hubby & I decided to change our food habits & sport habits in August 2013, that is to say 8 months ago. I know several persons in my close friends who have also been changing this, and we all have different ways to achieve our goals. I just wanted to write here where I am as of today, how I feel etc. As a personal record, since this is my online journal, and to let you know that if I have been able to do it, anyone else is.

In 8 months, I have lost a total of 13,50 kg (30 lbs). It may seem a lot, and it may seem few as well, if you compare to the numbers of months. But my goal was not to lose a certain amount of kilos for a certain moment in time. The slower but steadier I could lose them, the better. I have been having ups & downs, specially after the move, and when I broke my toe. But I went with the flow, didn't lose courage or faith in what I was doing.

What have I been doing exactly ? Eating less in the evening, exercising approximately for 45 mn per day, (4 or) 5 days a week. I don't eat fat free, I keep eating vinaigrette (with olive oil) with my salad, keep baking on a regular basis (and eating what I baked !), keep on eating out (without any guilt). I've not been doing a diet. It simply wouldn't work for me. I'm not calculating calories in what I am eating, but I now keep an eye on the general total amount of my intake. This + this + this + this = just right ... or way too much.

What sport do I do ? I hate running, and going to the swimming pool is NOT for me. Going to the gym neither ... but I love music, and I love dancing. So I work out at home, using play lists hubby & I have been building up, using old & new songs/musics. I used to work out in the company of my hubby, but it's been several months that I have enough motivation to do it on my own, when I feel like it. We do power walks (between 10 & 15km) together from time to time, when my mom can stay with the boys for a whole afternoon. It took me some time to realize that everyone is different, specially when it comes to sport & working out. Some people love to run or swim, or to be in the company of strangers or friends. What works best for me (as of today) is to do it on my own, at home. I only use a mat, two weights, music & water. Really cheap ! No gym subscription !

Clothes speaking ... before August 2013, I used to wear size 46 (French) / XL or 16 (US) / 18 (UK), didn't wear dresses & skirts at all. (or twice a year !) As of today, I wear size 44 (French) / L or 14 (US) / 16 (UK), sometimes less, depending on clothes & brands. I now wear a lot of dresses, my mom has been resizing me dresses, skirts & trousers along the way, which has been super helpful. I don't have a goal size, of course, but I'd like to be another size down. I don't want to be thin (I will never be, anyway), I just want my corpulence to be more in synch with my height, and to soften some of my curves. Being 13,5 kgs down, and doing sport helped me feeling much more comfortable & confident with my body (I've come a loooong way), but I'm a constant work-in-progress.

I have more abdominals, my legs are more powerful but thinner, I've lost a bunch of fat on my face, and I feel way more flexible & dynamic than a year ago. I really don't want to brag, because really there is nothing to brag about, I just want to say it is possible, because I really was the laziest & greediest bone around, and I'm personally satisfied of what I have achieved so far. (even though it's not finished yet). I think I started believing in myself and in my actual ability of taking care of some areas of my life.