oh, April ...


Oh April, you've been pretty full & busy already !

Two days ago P broke his pinkie (little finger), thankfully not at the hand he writes with. (not a major fracture neither, but still)

Everyone here is either having a cold, is coughing (or both), or having sinus infection. Bah, this windy, warm, unpredictable weather is not helping. They predict a chilly Easter weekend, and really I hope so !

My 95 y-o grandpa has not been feeling really great after having a strong case of flu last month. His legs just won't want to work anymore. He was so well until now, it's a bit "shoking" to see him decline so fast. His mind is completely clear though, no Alzheimer or senility at all !

Two days ago I had the pleasure to meet up with the very lovely Julie of Julie Sinden Handmade's fame. (she makes boiled wool hats) with a delightful & extra smily 4 months old little girl. We had already met briefly in the summer 2011 at Bookhou's.

I have a head full of ideas, and minutes, hours & days just slip through my fingers. I hope I'll eventually find some time during this long Easter weekend ... then spring (school) break will be around the corner (27th).

Until I have something new to share with you, be well, and take care !