summer 2014 trip {1}

So here are the first photos from our trip in Bourgogne earlier in August. We went there by train (then with a rental car), from Montpellier to Dijon. In Dijon, we had the pleasant surprise to find out that the botanical garden ("Jardin Botanique de L'Arquebuse") was just close to the train station ! Awesome ! We spent a long moment before picking our rental car.

We stopped by Nuits-Saint-Georges for an artisan ice-cream, on our way to the house we rented, and that I'll share with you in another post, most probably the next one.

Mint + chocolate chips ... so perfect in the summer ! And I never get to eat it (my fav !) because no one else like mint ice-cream in the family !

If I had to say something about Dijon, it would be something very nice ! It is such a clean, and well organized town. I really long to go back, though I'm sure it's not going to happen anytime soon. But really, I feel like it has so many treasures to reveal. A town like you'd like all French towns to look like.