back to school & back to Bourgogne - Summer 2014 trip {3}

Busy times ! My boys go back to school tomorrow, and hubby's at his new work place today (over 700 km away), and time has been flying by for sure. So many things to do/squeeze before school starts again ! Hubby and I also squeezed a surprise short trip to Paris last Friday/Saturday both for his work & for celebrating our 15th anniversary.

So ... back to my regular posting, and I will share photos of the outdoor of the house we rented in Bourgogne.

A beautiful home, wonderfully renovated with natural materials. A charming garden that we managed to enjoy a little despite the daily rain. (which I was also very happy about !!)

I have so many more photos to share with you ... I won't wait as long between my posts, I promise !! Be well, and good luck to all the families with children going back to school tomorrow or this week !



If you missed it, there was a shop update last week (yes, you've read it right, a shop update, it hadn't happen in months !), and you can read more in the previous post. Thank you !