summer 2014 trip {4}

August in Bourgogne has been a wet month. Unlike all the wine makers (I think hubby told me that vineyard must thrive in order to make a good wine), I was delighted by this unexpected (though desired by me) source of moisture & coolness, and it made everything be green & lush, and I really really appreciated that !

I had never seen so many hollyhocks in my entire life ! They were everywhere !!

Hydrangeas are not a particularity of Brittany. Maybe the blue ones (acidic soil), but the pink ones (alkaline soil) were growing amazingly well over there ! I loved the splattered, spotted, worn, decaying ones instead of the flowless ones.

I'm thinking of making desktop/ipad/iphone wallpapers with some of these photos, but don't know the required sizes. I'll have to investigate & I'll let you know.