leaf & samara

A little interruption in my posts about our trip to Burgundy to let you know that I have added two sets of stamped cards in the shop. I used two stamps I had carved back in the late spring. One represents a leaf of Acer monspessulanum, a species of maple native to the Mediterranean region) and the other is a samara. (a winged achene)

The envelopes are also stamped on the front. They come as sets of three double cards, and both cards & envelopes are made of recycled paper, made in southern France.

The branch to the right is actually a branch of Acer monspessulanum (which could be translated as "Montpellier maple" !), that I had picked a handful of years ago, right after we had moved back to Montpellier.

I plan to use the stamps for other items, so stay tuned if you like the design. (which I intently kept minimalist & simple) Yes, less is more.

Thanks for looking !