summer 2014 trip {8}

Sorry for the delay in posting the last couple of posts about trip to Burgundy ... I've been a bunch more active for the shop, (two shop updates in a row was something I hadn't made for months & months), therefore I'm sitting at the computer less often these days.

But here am I today with photos that still feel like summer (quite normal since they were taken in the heart of summer). I took them at the Château de Sully. I could have shown you the castle, but no photos were allowed inside, so instead, and it is just as interesting, I'll show you photos from the park & the garden.

Weren't these small/tiny glass greenhouses the sweetest of all ?!

This stunning little house made of wood was actually a lavoir (wash house), the details were so incredible, and made me think of a quilted patchwork, I HAD to take photos to share with you !

Wasn't it a lovely stroll ? I really enjoyed this garden and made me realize how much I miss having an outdoor, a garden, a place for a couple of deck chairs under a tree ...