autumn is here

Today was the second day of autumn & for once, yes for once, the weather was autumnal just on time for the actual season ! Rainy, chilly, cozy, really ... I had been waiting for this for so long ! I switched the lightweight cotton bed spread for a blanket (while we still have the empty duvet cover on our beds). The temperatures have dropped, indoors & outdoors, but we're still far from turning the heat on !

Autumn is here, and the coasters named "Autumn" also are here, in the shop more precisely ! A first set already sold, but another set is available !

The front is made of natural linen & of cotton chambray, that I have hand stamped with the leaf & samara stamps I carved in the spring. The back is made of vintage woven linen, which matches beautifully. A layer of boiled wool in between adds extra protection from moisture & heat.



PS : a matching mug rug shall come soon.

PS 2 : the beige mug & the blue vase come from Burgundy, they were made by monks, and we bougth them in an abbey's shop, last month. Aren't they lovely ?