long time no dye (with sumac)

So a dyeing session with Sicilian sumac actually happened today & I couldn't be happier about it ! The weather was just perfect for it, specially given that next week is predicted to be rainy. I don't even remember if I dyed with sumac last year ... I think my brain fried shortly before moving last December.

Rhus coriaria leaves in the dye pot

All fibers are wet, ready to be dyed

Linen, tied with marbles, and dyed with Sicilian sumac & modified with iron

Drying here : two linen panels 70 x 40 cm

There shall be a Sicilian sumac themed shop update soon, hopefully during or at the end of this coming week. I will keep you posted here anyway, and on the other social networks (see the link named "SOCIAL" for the links). It will contain cotton gauze & linen voile scarves, linen panels, linen zipped pouches & more !

It looks grey but it has a hint of purple in it, even though it seems less strong this year, compared to the other times I've dyed with it.