when it rains it pours

And it was not just a saying today in Montpellier. Torrential rains all day long, specially from 1pm. We were on Orange warning, and it turned to Red at 4pm. Picking up my youngest (and a friend's daughter) turned into a challenge. After being soaked once at 1.30pm, I changed clothes and shoes entirely, and at 4pm we were obliged to walk through water with our rain boots, which got full of water anyway. (street along his school had turned into a torrent).

I have friends & friends' spouses & children got stucked where they were. I've seen people walking barefoot in flooded streets. Really, I had never seen my town like this.

Schools are closed tomorrow, the kids are happy (shhh don't tell their teachers), and I'm kind of relieved, because it's supposed to rain a lot this night & tomorrow morning as well.

I feel for children still stuck in schools (even though they were/are safe), I feel for their parents who must have been so scared, and maybe stuck in cars or at work. I feel for people who got their house or their car flooded. I feel for everyone who got involved in today's floodings in Montpellier and in Hérault. (click here if you want to see some photos in the local newspaper)

Thank goodness we live on top of a hill, we will never be flooded in the apartment. Not a bad thing, right ?