vines and blossoms

That sweet little title is brought to you by a zipped pouch that I've completed yesterday. Not the average, mass made with poor quality materials kind of zipped pouch. More the one-of-a-kind, earth respectful kind of pouch.

It had been ages since I last made a piece like that. I missed hand embroidery.

It is made of organic cotton in & out. The outside fabric is twill & was naturally dyed with Arbutus unedo (yes, during the last dyeing session, you've guessed well !) and iron modified. It was then free hand embroidered with :

  • wool naturally dyed with Hedera helix (ivy)
  • wool naturally dyed with Osyris alba
  • silk thread naturally dyed with Osyris alba
  • silk thread naturally dyed with Helichrysum stoechas (immortelle)

All of these plants grow wild around here, in the Mediterranean area, & are not endangered species. Anyway, I always dye in very small batches. It is padded with a layer of boiled wool, which gives a real structure & protection to the pouch.

I love the little embroidery on the back, that echoes the one on the front. Vines and blossoms ... I must have had spring on my mind !

You can find it in the SHOP. Thank you very much for reading.