free To Do printables for you !

I'm a list maker, that's a fact. I could buy all the to do's notepads of the world, but none of them would  ever fit my needs perfectly. So I created one for me. Then I thought that you might be interested as well, so I changed a couple of things, and made three versions of the same list.

The list is printable on an A4 regular sheet. I made it in black, in bright colors (blue, red, yellow), and in light colors (light turquoise, salmon, mint). For my own personal use, I needed to have the list cut in half, for the morning & for the afternoon. I know not everyone works like that, but if you do, then you might like these lists !

I made three categories, because I don't want to mix "bake banana bread" with "go to the post office" or "print to do lists" etc. I'm sure you see what I mean. So the categories are : EMAIL & PAPERWORK - MY BUSINESS - HOME & SELF CARE. (which would include housework, errands, sport, beauty etc)

I understand that not everyone has a running business, so I'll probably end making a new series of To Do lists, without the "My Business" category. Or maybe make an extra one with "My Job".

I use a pencil for writing on the list, and then I can simply erase with an eraser what I did. This way, the list is usable many many times. I also thought you could print a list once, laminate it, and write over with with a thin whiteboard pen. (and erase with a piece of fabric) - I've added days of the week on top, so you simply have to circle the day. There is space on the sides, top & bottom, so that you can add notes if needed.

Anyway. If you want to download them, simply click them. They are for your personal use of course ! Please DO NOT reproduce or resell ! (the watermark of course doesn't appear on the list !!)

I think it should be working fine, but that's the first time I've uploaded PDFs on Squarespace, so I cross fingers & toes it will work. Please let me know if you download them & if it worked great with your computer & printer, thank you ! Enjoy !

Oh, you may wonder why there is no ticking box. From my very own experience, I've come to realize that I prefer to erase (I used to cross it) what I've done, it is more visual to me, rather than ticking next to what I've done. My task is still visible & it bothers me. Now, I understand that not everyone thinks the way I do !!!

I plan to make more free printables, so keep your eyes peeled !  (food, grocery shopping & menu planning or recipe ideas)

Thanks for stopping by !