Japanese calligraphy artist : Kaoru Akagawa

There is no secret (or maybe it was ?) that I am very much interested in Japanese culture & traditions. Who knows if one day I will be able to visit this amazing country, but until then, I will read books, absorb a tiny, microscopic little bit of knowledge about their traditions. Then only, I will be a minimum ready to go visit. There are so many things about Japanese culture & Japanese people that I admire.

Each time I will find a video about Japan, Japanese people or traditions or crafts(man or woman) or arti(sts), I will post it, and you'll be able to find them all in the "Japanese culture" category.

Today I'm sharing two videos about the calligraphy artist Kaoru Akagawa, who's been residing in Germany since 2007. Her "Kana art" is based on traditional form of Japanese calligraphy called "Kana Shodo". Kaoru Akagawa was born in Canada and grew up in America, she lived in Japan when she went there to study there as a young woman. Whilst there, she immersed herself in the Japanese culture and learnt the ancient art of Kana Shodo Japanese calligraphy.

It is quite stunning, isn't it ? I think so. You can visit her website here & see many more of her work.

Thank you so much for your visit. Have a lovely week ahead !