Lazying around in bed, with hubby, Pitou & good books I recently bought ...

This was Saturday morning until I got to know that we had friends visiting ... relaxing was replaced by a session of express yet thorough vaccuuming & dusting & tidying. (which turned into a workout session as well !) I was barely done & they were here, phew. Our friends (including hubby's childhood and best friend) have a 2 1/2 son, and hubby's his godfather, and even though he's not officially our nephew, that's how we consider him anyway. So. After having lunch, I brought the finger puppets out (kept them in a reachable place for little people visiting us), and then lacing cards, lovingly made by yours truly, back in June 2008. Then I remembered I had pieces of cardboard somewhere, and in minutes, whipped him a couple of lacing cards to bring back home.

Lacing cards are such an easy & fun, budget & earth friendly, fast & rewarding crafts for young ones !

After they left, I made a long research for books I wanted to borrow at the library. Then went to the library to bring back books & borrow the ones I wanted. (almost all Japan themed) And in the evening, we watched The Last Samurai (2003), which was a perfect fit, and a really beautiful film. Here's a scene :


A faster session of lazying in bed (ah !) and then getting things done. Coffee drinking, Pitou cuddling.

My mom brought Oreillettes. It's a traditionnal Provençal dessert (orange blossom flavoured), and you can find a recipe here. They're light & delicate little things.

Sunday is far from being over as I'm typing this, and my lists of things to do have seen no progress until now, so I have a bunch to do till I can call it a day.

How was your weekend ?